Advocacy in Slough is provided by the following organisations
If you feel unhappy with the service we have provided
We recognise that sometimes we may get it wrong or a customer may feel they have not recieved the service they should have.  You can discuss any concerns you have by contacting us and the following documents will explain how you can raise concerns with us.
How to raise your concerns
Our staff and volunteers work positively to suppoert customers and resolve isues.
Our Staff and volunteers will not tolerate, verbal, written, physical, racial abuse, threatening behavior or discrimination of any kind.

We reserve the right to withdraw any of our services from customers who fail to respond to guidance around this statement and continue to behave in an unacceptable manner.

Thank you for your support and understanding

Who Are We? 

Advocacy in Slough is an independent service.  Our partnership has  many years experience in providing a range of advocacy services to people from all types of backgrounds.  Our staff and volunteers are trained to ensure that they have the skills needed to be effective and professional  Advocates. 

Not everyone is the same and the type of advocacy needed by one individual can be very different to someone else. When you contact us, we will listen to you and discuss the types of advocacy that may best suit you.   . 

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